Message from President

As the president of the Asian Institute of Creative Education, I am full of expectations for the future of the association.

Below are some of my ambitions for the future development of the association.

These hopes can help the Asian Institute of Creative Education become an advocacy organisation and make positive contributions to the cause of creative education in Asia. I believe that with the joint efforts of all stakeholders and partners, we can achieve these goals and create a better educational environment for children’s future.

Thank you all!

Charles Mossop

January 2019

I hope that the Asian Institute of Creative Education can become an advocate and promoter of creative education in Asia, and promote the popularisation and application of creative education in different countries and regions by carrying out various activities and projects.

I hope that the association can establish an extensive cooperation network and cooperate with creative education institutions, schools, education experts and education departments in various countries to jointly explore the best practices of creative education and share resources and experiences. Promote the development of creative education.

The association can organize regular international conferences and seminars, inviting experts, scholars and practitioners from Asia and other regions to discuss the latest trends and development directions of creative education, and promote academic exchanges and cooperation .

The association can organize training courses and seminars, provide professional training and educational resources, and help teachers and educators improve the capabilities and levels of creative education.

The association can support and promote research work on creative education, encourage partner institutions and individuals to carry out innovative projects and cooperation, and explore the application of creative education in different fields and levels.

The association can exert its advocacy power, hoping to promote the integration of creative education into education policies and curriculum systems, providing children with a broader space for development.