Program Enrollment

Note:All information must be filled. If any information is missing, Asian Institute of Creative Education has the right to ask the applicant to provide the missing information. Please ensure that all the information filled in this form is complete and accurate.
Before enrolling, please review the Notes and Regulations of each program as follows: 

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課程報名表 | Program Enrollment Form

請選擇課程報名 Please select course for enrollment:
請選擇開課日期 Please select the course start date:
請選擇報名人數 Please select number of applicants:

報名者資料 | Applicant's Information

* 報名摘要的電子郵件將僅發送給第一名報名者。
* The enrollment summary email will be sending to the first applicant only.

第一位報名者資料 Information of the first applicant:

Same as identity document.
The name on the certificate is the same as the identity document.
性別 Gender
教育程度 Education Level

機構資料 | Organization Information

其他資料 | Other Information

請提供近三個月半身照片(1吋x11/2吋), 並以報名者的姓名作為檔案名稱。如多於一位報名者,請一併上傳至同一連結,並以每位報名者的姓名作為檔案名稱區分。
Please provide your photo (1 inch x 11/2 inch) taken within the past three months, and use the applicant's name as the file name. If there is more than one applicant, please upload all photos to the same link and use each registrant's name as the file name for recognization.
從何獲得課程資訊 Where did you get the program information?
願意以電郵或電話訊息收到本中心的課程資訊。 Agreed to receive course information from our center via email or phone message.
學員守則|報讀課程須知 Rules & Regulations