Certified STEAM Mentor Training Program

This course has been awarded the Q-mark STEM Scheme
by the Hong Kong Q-Mark Council.

全港首個STEM + Arts 課程?
藝術 (Arts) 是「人工智能」無法取代的創意,無論是音樂、舞蹈、美術、設計等藝術,都是「創造性思維」的成果,有利於創新科技的發展。
STEAM 是將 STEM (科學、技術、工程、數學) 結合 Arts (藝術) 的教育模式; STEM 主要是培訓「批判性思維」(Critical Thinking),而藝術主要是培訓 「創造性思維」(Creative Thinking),兩種思維的結合,才是未來世界所需要的人才。亞洲創意教育協會所倡導的「創意行動學習法」,正是 STEAM 模式的教學方法。

Program Content:

  • The mode of STEAM education learning activities
  • STEAM learning in game (action)
  • The development potential of “games”
  • From “STEM” to “STEAM”
  • STEAM Curriculum Design Outline
  • A breakthrough in STEAM education
  • The role of teachers in STEAM
  • STEAM evaluation method
  • Key principles of STEAM education
  • design thinking process
  • Creative Action Learning

Teaching Plans:

Give away 30 teaching plans.


School principals, supervisors, teachers, social workers and those who plan to join the education sector


Get a certificate after completing the course


  • 1 person
  • 2 persons
  • 3 persons
  • 4 persons

Including dedicated homework counseling, curriculum consulting services and 20 free teaching plans

Assessment Method

Online study, homework assessment & no examination

Teaching Language



12hrs online study + homework

Start Date

1st & 16th
of every month


In order to facilitate students to learn STEM/STEAM effectively and anytime and anywhere, Asia Creative Education Association launched online learning, which is conducted in an online mode, in a flexible and easy manner, so that more people can learn STEM/STEAM.

After online registration, students can have up to 30 days to complete the 12-hour course part online. The student has passed the homework review, about 1500 words, completed and submitted within 21 days, the first and second homework correction submitted by the student, please write your name and mobile phone number, and then email [email protected] submission; when the tutor receives the student’s homework and reviews it, he will notify the student of any corrections that need to be made within 14 days in the form of Whatsapp.

Applicants must have:
  1. Valid email address
  2. Supporting equipment for online learning (computers/laptops/mobile phones that support Internet access)
Brief Process:
  1. Online registration and payment
  2. Online study and study (total 12 hours, optional time to complete within one month)
  3. 21 days to prepare and submit assignments
  4. Within 14 days after the homework review, the second homework correction is invited
  5. Questionnaire within 14 days after the periodinvestigation
  6. Get the certificate within 30 days after the expiration date.
Homework Submission & Result Announcement:

Submission Date: : Students must submit the second revision of homework within 14 days after receiving the first homework review comments and correction suggestions from the tutor.

Submission Form:Email to [email protected] Curriculum Director

Result Announcement Date:Within 14 days of receiving the second homework correction.

Announcement Form:Notification via email or WhatsApp of each student +852-6706 7168

How to get the Certificate:

Requirements: 1)Students must complete all 12-hour courses, 2) Participants must complete all online choice topics, submit action learning assignments and complete the review process, 3) Complete Zoom and telephone surveys

How to Get:Starting from April 1, 2023, the association will send certificates (color electronic version) via WhatsApp or email. Students can download and use them for free. The certificates will be issued within 30 days after the results are announced.

Note:1) Please clearly write down the recipient’s name, address, and phone number. If the information is missing and there is any loss in the mail, and the certificate needs to be reprinted, the association will charge an additional printing fee of $200 and an administrative fee of HK$100,  2)The certificate will be issued within 30 days after the results are announced.