Golden Apple Award

The purpose of the establishment of the Golden Apple Awards is to recognize educational institutions, private institutions, public institutions and non-governmental organizations and individuals for their efforts at all levels of STEM education, including leadership, promotion, creativity, design and action support. Outstanding contribution. And encourage to continue adhering to the spirit of sustainable development, nurture the next generation to create a future full of unlimited creativity.

Life Time Achievement Award

The Golden Apple Award (Life Time Achievement Award) is given to individuals that are recognised globally and have outstanding contribution in the area of “Creative Education” as a way of honouring their work.

Golden Apple Award Categories

& Review Criteria

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  • Educational institutions that support, promote and participate in the development of science, technology, engineering or mathematics.
  • Employees participate in professional training and development.
  • Continuous innovation activities and courses.
  • Creative, innovative and curriculum design.
  • Support, promote and participate in curriculum design in the fields of technology, technology, engineering or education.
  • Help students improve their creativity, thinking, action and collaboration
  • Recognise a quality and creative learning school environment that guides students to create creative learning ideas and creative ideas.
  • Recognise school shareholders and management who have negotiated and participated in identifying innovative campus designs.

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  • Inspiring children’s right brain creative development, including elements of science, mathematics, technology and engineering.
  • Highly interactive, easy to operate.
  • Material environmental safety.
  • Showcase school leaders and support STEAM education.
  • Continued high standards of STEAM education.
  • Staff teachers actively participate in STEAM professional training and assistance, continuous development of creative spirit and promotion of action.
  • Encourage students and parents to actively participate and witness results.


  • Achieve continuous design and commercial success.
  • Encourage teachers/staff to participate in professional training and development.
  • Actively provide opportunities and resources for innovation activities.
  • Strive to take innovative thinking and sustainable development as business.
  • Organizing different types of innovation seminars and competitions.
  • Strive to provide innovative products or services for schools, children and the market.

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  • Provide students with different STEAM creative courses or services
  • Strive to take innovative thinking and sustainable development as teaching goals
  • Continuously organize different types of innovative STEAM activities, seminars and competitions, etc.
  • Encourage students to actively participate in STEAM creative activities

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  • Promote art and creativity
  • Promote cultural exchanges
  • Promote social issues
  • Nurture young artists
  • Explore the fusion of art and technology


  • Recognise the team’s talent performance of creative STEM elements.
  • Show unique engineering design and manufacturing capabilities, and get recognition.
  • Actively exert the tam spirit of teamwork, unremitting efforts, and never give up.

Registration Procedure

All those who sign up for the "Golden Apple Award" will start accepting nominations on September 1st, and will be closed on May 30th. The award ceremony will be held in mid-August.

Every institution or individual that is enrolled must have at least one nomination, and require a nomination brief of at least 500 words.You can add short films and photos of no more than 5 minutes.
All nominated participants/institutions will be submitted to the jury for fair, impartial and objective assessment. The results of the assessment will be notified by e-mail and will be announced by June 30th. All submitted information will be kept confidential and will not be returned
The winners/institutions will be announced and commended at the awards ceremony in August each year and will be announced in the official media of the organiser. In addition to being awarded a certificate, the winners/institutions may be authorised to use the "Golden Apple award"to put it on its products for publicity.

For enquiries, please contact the Secretariat at : (852) 6706 7168