Charter Registration and
Eligibility Form

Charter Declaration

"We are committed in promoting creative action learning to create a creative future for the next generation."

About the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance

Purpose of collecting information

i. Asian Institute Of Creative Education will use the personal data provided on the application form for the following purposes:

(a) To register for the “Excellent Creative Action Learning” charter;
(b) prepare statistics, conduct research or teaching; and
(c) Facilitate the organization of activities related to promoting creative mobile learning and community liaison.

ii. All personal information on the application form is provided voluntarily by the applicant. If the information provided by the applicant is insufficient, it may affect the application procedures, even the application will not be accepted.

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機構資料 | Organization Information

If the organization does not have a Chinese name, please fill in "nil"
If the organization does not have an English name, please fill in "nil"

聯絡人資料 | Contact Person

約章資格 | Charter Eligibility

If any of the participating organisation/ group meet 1 of the below 8 items and are able to provide their students' works, course materials, classroom photos, videos and any other materials, the organisation/ group will be eligible to apply for the Charter for ECAL.

請勾選符合的約章資格(最少選擇一項)Please select your eligibility (at least one selection):

資格一 | Eligibility 1
資格二 | Eligibility 2
資格三 | Eligibility 3
資格四 | Eligibility 4
資格五 | Eligibility 5
資格六 | Eligibility 6
資格七 | Eligibility 7
資格八 | Eligibility 8
如您的機構/組織就有關「創意行動學習」分享更多信息,歡迎提交補充資料的下載連結或把資料電郵至[email protected]
If your agency/organization have more information on "Creative Action Learning" to share, please submit a download link for the supplementary information or email the information to [email protected],

宣言 | Declaration

我謹代表本機構作出以下承諾 On behalf of the organization, I:

If you have any other enquiries about the “Excellent Creative Action Learning Charter“, you may contact Ms. Kwok or Ms. Tam by calling 6706 7168 / 2570 6828 or emailing [email protected].